Sweet Voice Car Wash, is a privately owned state-of-the-art mobile vehicle washing and detailing service offering services in all obver UAE. We partner with individual and property management firms, large organizations and other businesses to offer their tenants, visitors, employees and residents a valuable proposition: high quality vehicle cleaning and detailing services where we come to you and on your schedule!

When we take our cars to the car wash, we expect our cars to be cleaned; not damaged. That is why we train our washers on how to properly hand wash a car with only proven techniques, chemicals and equipment when washing cars. Plus, we are 100% hand wash based.

We are in the business of providing the highest quality services and complete customer satisfaction. Our car washing and detailing specialists take great pride in our services and appreciate that while you value your vehicles, you might not have time to travel and have them cleaned or detailed. Polished Clean offers an excellent service at very competitive rates.

Sweet Voice Car Washing Service For Your Business in UAE

Sweet Voice Car Washing Service  will partner with Your Management Company to provide full-service car washing and auto detailing, as agreed, while your vehicles remain parked at your locations. We eliminate the time and expenses associated with having your employees transport your vehicles off-site, to be cleaned.

In addition to providing a much-desired service to your company, our proposed arrangement will be at no risk or start-up costs to you. This is why Sweet Voice Car Wash is the best partner for your business!

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