Sweetvoice Pest Service is the ideal solution for Wood Termite in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dry wood termites are those little critters that make their home in dead wood, usually tree stumps, but furniture and houses as well. In this respect, they are most, unlike their relatives, the subterranean species that live in the soil beneath the wood. Dry wood termites live in the wood where they establish their colonies.

Many authorities believe that these pests are distributed widely across the country by unsuspecting persons who move their wooden or wooden framed furniture without inspecting it for termite colonies, which is alarming.

Why You Need Us To Get Rid Of Wood Termite?

Detection of these pests is complicated through straightforward methods when and can only be done by professionals. Because they live in the wood they infest, and it’s important to find ways to get rid of their waste – called frass.

Typically frass turns to powder after a while, and so if you examine the wood closely, you should be able to see a white powder, which you should wipe away and then check in a day or two to know of it has returned. If it has, then you have an active colony.

If not, the pests may have either died or moved on. Another way to detect them is to look for a skinny layer of wood that separates them from their environment. They do not eat completely through the wood but instead almost to the end, and this accounts for the thin layer.

Wood Termite infestation can lead to severe problems and expensive repairs. If you suspect you have termites in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, contact Sweet Voice Pest Services and immediately schedule your appointment.

How We Fix Your House From Wood Termite:

  1. Structural Fumigation:

It is done with Vikane or methyl bromide gas. The whole building is covered so that the gas can’t escape, and the gas is then introduced. Vikane disperses very rapidly and also uniformly all over the place. The other advantage includes diffuses within the range of temperature where the dry wood type termites are found. It is done by Sweetvoice Pest Professionals who are adequately trained for the use of these gases. These gases are restricted products as they are toxic and harmful.

  1. Spot Wood Treatment:

For the maximum efficiency and the sound effect of the liquids, the basics should be known. The holes are drilled in the affected areas in the wood using a drill bit. The chemical, be it in