Sofa Cleaning

Sofas can soil very quickly, especially if they are use daily basis. With our best cleaning services, we provide sofa cleaning in order to remove the dirt, which you cannot even see or feel. The sofa on which you sit very comfortable can gather contaminants, which include, oil, skin cells, and dirt and getting rid of these is not possible just through vacuuming or water pressure. We provide professional sofa washing, cleaning services that not just remove stains, but are also safe for all kinds of fabrics. Our professional workers will refresh and revitalize grimed couches, dirty, carpets and sofas using proven methods and equips. As you, all would have understood now that we use low moisture sofa cleaning, as it comes with various advantages. Especially in Pakistan, we all know that the climate is very humid; hence, we use some formulas well to avoid any discoloration. The use of low moisture shampoo quickens the time for drying by more than 98%, this means that no long hours of waiting compared to the conventional sofa wet cleaning technique. This also helps to prevent fabric sofa from shrinking after the cleaning treatment. Drying time also reduces growth of microorganisms, which thrive in warm and humid condition.

Our cleaning service professionals offer a safe, effective process that removes the dirt and stubborn stains while the fabric of the sofa remains safe. Powerful suction removes the deep down dirt and up to 98% moisture for a quick drying time. The process includes few steps:

‚ÄúVacuuming all the surface dust is removed from your sofa using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Injections are used, we inject our special sofa cleaning products into your sofa and continue to rub it deeper using soft brushed to maintain the texture of the sofa. After that we extract the cleaning agents along with all the dirt, getting you a brand new sofa.”