Sweet Voice Cleaning service will not only remove dirt and grime from your curtains or blinds, we also employ an expert seamstress who can repair damaged curtains or replace discolored or worn curtain linings. We come to you and do everything in the most professional way because we understand that the method to clean your curtains or blinds depends on the fabric used to make them.

Blinds Cleaning

Our staff will take down, clean and re-hang all types of blinds. Onsite cleaning can be requested, depending on the type of blinds. The method used to clean your blinds depends on the fabric they are made from.

Curtain Cleaning

Sweet Voice Cleaning will not only remove dirt and grime from your curtains, we can also clean curtains with blockout / rubberised linings.

Quotation Service

We come right where you are and give a quotation and advice on the best cleaning process free of charge for your curtains and blinds

 Carpet Cleaning

Sweet Voice Cleaning Service has a vast experience in giving your carpets a new lease on life. Our team of experienced staff will make your carpets look as good as new, and we place special focus on heavy-traffic areas and stains.

 Expert Advice

We will offer you free advice on how best to take care of your blinds and curtain to ensure longevity and quality maintenance

High End Fabrics

We have years of experience and across the board we have enough knowledge to handle delicate materials for your curtains and blockout linings

Upholstery Cleaning

Sweet Voice Cleaner Service can extend the life of your upholstery with professional steam cleaning

 Remove and Rehang

We remove your curtains and blinds to be cleaned and rehang. After rehanging we steam your curtains out on-site to have the original look

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