Roach control is a form of pest management that is aimed primarily at cockroaches and their elimination. These insects are found all over most of the world, with the exception of the Polar Regions. Scientists say they have been around since the time of the dinosaurs and the fact that they survived what wiped out these behemoths is a testament to their resilience and durability to adapt.

Why You Need Us?


Cockroaches are not so easy to find during the day because they prefer to stay in damp, dark places. When they do come out during the day, they scurry hurriedly between shadows and go about their business of looking for food and laying eggs. Roach control comes in many forms, but the extent of it will depend on the population that the pest management professionals have found in the house.


The reason why it is important to eliminate or manage their populations is mainly because they are dirty creatures that carry bacteria and germs that can cause diseases and other sicknesses in humans. They also tend to leave a trail of the microbes that they carry around on the surfaces that they walk on.

This means a possibility of contaminating anything that comes in contact with these microbes including food and ordinary household items. This is especially dangerous for households with small children who tend to put anything they can get their hands on in their mouths. Another reason these insects need to be eliminated and controlled is because they multiply very fast and unnoticed. Starting with just a couple of cockroaches, they can become several hundred in just a few weeks if left unchecked.


The fact that they tend to hide in damp, dark places means that their numbers may be difficult to assess. It also means it can be difficult for roach control agents to completely reach the places they frequent.

One of the ways that a homeowner can somehow manage their numbers is to place traps and baits in strategic areas that these pests frequent. Although, baits and traps cannot guarantee total elimination of the pests, these can control them to an extent that they won’t be bothersome.


Some form of cleanliness needs to be practiced for households that are aware of the presence of cockroaches to prevent frequent sickness from occurring. Wiping with a solution or chemical that can eliminate microbes and other germs can help. Bleach can be diluted with water and then wiped on surfaces that can withstand it.


Care needs to be practiced when using this form of roach control however, as it can discolor some materials such as wood and fabric. Other household chemicals can also be used to clean up surfaces.