Birds are beautiful creatures, but they can create some trouble for you when they destroy your property and create unhygeinic environment. Luckily, Sweetvoice Pest Control offers services so you can stoip unwanted creatures coming to your garden or roof top.


Whether you are a property manager of a large hotel, condominium or commercial building, you know that it is no easy task to take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your property and keep the tenants happy. On the other hand, you have building owners who want to keep unit occupancy and maintenance and repair costs to a minimum, especially in these difficult economic times.

If the buildings you manage are flooded with pest birds, you need to take some effective bird control measures.

How Birds Can Be Dangerous?

Birds, as you may know, cause all kinds of costly headaches. Their droppings can deter tenants from renting units or suites, because no one wants to live or work in a building that looks unkempt and unhygienic. Bird droppings can also cause maintenance problems with roof fans, air conditioners, skylights, solar panels and rainwater drainage. All this can lead to costly repairs.

And heaven forbid that someone slips and falls on a wet bird droppings. Your management company could be held liable if a bird problem is reported, does not respond and injures tenants. The other problem is that bird droppings carry diseases that can cause illness. If a tenant falls ill, the management company may face fines, fees or legal action.


Fortunately, a number of proven and reliable bird protection services are available at Sweetvoice pest control. All you need to do is call us and our expert team will be at your door step so you can avoid these unwanted friends coming to your property.