Are you tired of seeing bedbugs crawling on your bed or office table? Are you afraid you may get some infectious disease because of these bedbugs? Sweetvoice pest control offers the required service you need to get rid of these blood sucking little monsters.

Bedbugs Control Service:

Having bedbugs in the house can be one of the most frustrating experiences you can have, and it is no easier to find the best bedbug control in the market and only you need best professional service like sweetvoice pest control to get rid of them completely.


They are very intelligent creatures that only attack you when you are deeply asleep. They will bite you in a way that you will not notice until the next day when you see bumps on your skin and itch all over your body. Many people will tell you different stories about their experiences and how difficult it is to control bedbugs.


“Climex lectularius” is the scientific name for bedbugs. They cannot fly because they are wingless, but they can do a lot of damage. Research shows that bedbugs originally came from Asia, but are now found in all parts of the world. They are mainly found in areas with a warm climate, but have managed to spread to the northern regions of the world.

These bedbugs are small, measuring 1/4 to 3/8, but will become huge after a heavy feast. A young bedbug will grow into an adult in just one month, but everything depends on how much they feast.

These bugs become naggy when they are hungry for blood. They usually stay in their holes and only come out when they are thirsty. Normally they are attracted by warm bodies, but they cannot perceive any food 4 – 10 centimeters away from their hiding place.

Why Bedbugs are Dangerous?

Bedbugs have developed mouthparts that allow them to easily suck the blood of their victim and ingest as much as possible. They can suck blood for almost seven minutes, absorbing seven times their body size. They only hide again when they need to lay eggs.

Once a person has been bitten by a bedbug, they should avoid scratching the affected area and instead wash themselves with soap and water. This is because, unlike a mosquito bite, a mealy bug bite leaves larger spots on the skin when scratched, which are all the more irritating the more you scratch.


So how can you get rid of these unwanted visitors?

Sweetvoice Pest Contro0l offers expert services with the team of trained employes so our clients can have a beautiful bedbugs free home.  If you are struggling with bug control, please call us to get cost effective service.