Are you afraid of seeing termite destroying your beautiful home or office? Sweetvoice Pest Control knows exactly the get rid of all kinds of termite and protect your property for these unwanted problems.


It is really very exciting to live in a newly built house, which is beautifully and artistically constructed, but whose beauty and integrity can diminish over the years.

There are annoying invaders that can invade the house and destroy its integrity, and these are the tiny termites. They can be very subtle in their approach to destroying a house, so they can be taken for granted, but over time, the house or building owners become angry with them because they have caused massive destruction.

Termite control is a pest control that should always be considered by homeowners. It should be a continuous effort. Sweetvoice Pest Control offers several ways to control and eradicate termite infestation, including physical, chemical, biological and mechanical pest control techniques.

When You Need Termite Control?

Every homeowner would need to control termite infestation at some point in time. The best time to begin termite control is at the earliest possible time, for example, when the house is newly built or from the time the termite inspection reveals that the house is inhabited by humans. sweetcoice Pest Control  recommend  to start termite control once or twice a year.

To avoid a drastic or massive termite infestation by pests, the materials to be used for the construction of the house or building should first be made termite-proof. It is always advisable to choose materials used in the home and to use chemically treated wood materials.

It is also important to know the reasons for termite infestation of a house. Secondly, it is important to know that termites follow the food. Finally, where there are food sources, there are termites. Among the food, there may be damp and soft wood. It is very important to ensure that there are no feeding options for termites that feed on a house so that they have no interest in penetrating the house.

Why Termite Is Dangerous?

Due to various factors, termite control can be temporarily neglected and attention is only given to it if there is already a full termite infestation. The situation is much worse in cases where homeowners are forced to leave their homes to begin major repairs and treatment or move to another home. To avoid such cases, it would be advisable to conduct consistent termite inspections every year and to practice consistent termite management.


 In addition, every homeowner should know that the condition of their home is in their own hands. Although termites may not be eradicated forever because they can go back and enter the house that still has the favorable conditions of their existence, if termite inspections are carried out consistently, even in cooperation with a professional termite control provider, termites will not be able to fulfill their destructive purpose.

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