Are you tired of Ants crawling in your house or office? Sweetvoice Pest Control Service offers the best Ant control service, so you can get rid of these unwanted pet in your house or office.


You can almost hear their annoying ants marching along military like paths and each individual carries his own weight and a piece of sweet food! They work together in anenviable way to do what they do best: upsetting homeowners and residents.


There are many different species of ants in different sizes, colors and shapes and with different types of problems. Some of them are often seen as annoying pests in and around houses. But they can also pose many health risks. There are known cases where ants mechanically carry disease organisms on their body or in their digestive tract. They may appear as small, harmless insects, but they are very dangerous and annoying. It is recommended that they be controlled and removed as soon as possible by a professional pest controller.

What is even worse, they are competent masters of camouflage. Sometimes they are confused with termites. In spring and summer (from October to March in Melbourne) swarms of ants and termites can appear somewhat similar to the untrained eye. It is very important that professional pest controllers are thoroughly trained and properly armed against ants.

  • Acrobatic ants (Creatogaster spp.);
  • Argentinian ants (Linepithema humile, Mayr);
  • carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.);
  • Crazy ants (Paratrechina longicornis, Latreille);
  • small black ants (Monomorium minimum, Buckley);
  • pavement ants (Tetramorium caespitum, L.);
  • fragrant house ants, or OHA (Tapinoma sessile, Say);
  • Pharaonic ants (Monomorium pharaonis, L.); and
  • yellow large ants or citronella ants (Lasius spp.).

    Of the ants mentioned above, carpenter ants, scented house ants (OHA) and pavement ants cause most problems.


    Sweetvoice Pest Ant Control is based on precise knowledge of ants feeding and nesting habits. On a broad level, knowledge of the nesting and feeding habits of important pest species can be helpful. More specifically, when a particular infestation is treated, as in ant control, a thorough investigation and inspection should be carried out. By following ant tracks, the location of the nest can be determined, either approximately or accurately.

    Direct treatment of the nest, if possible, can provide the most effective long-term ant control results. Alternatively, the use of chemical barriers that intervene between the nest and possible food sources is often an effective ant control solution.


    How we manage Ant Control Service?

    A thorough inspection and survey/analysis of activity patterns

    Direct treatment of nests, if possible, for effective ant control

    Formation of insecticidal barriers between nests and food sources and/or the placement of baits at suitable ant control sites

    The adaptation of a high level of sanitation and hygiene to avoid ant problems

    Sweet Voice Pest Control  provides professional and reliable ant control services in Abu Dhabi  and Dubai for both commercial and domestic use.